WTLC in the Media: Talking Thunder Basketball

Phil Naessens & Sherman talk Thunder vs Grizzlies

This week on the Phil Naessens Show, we dig into the opening round of the playoffs where the Thunder will take on their dear old friends the Memphis Grizzlies. Listen in!

Zeb Talks Season Review on Down to Dunk

We talk about the highs and lows of the Thunder season, as well as what to expect in the playoffs.

Naessens & Sherman talk Thunder playoff matchups

This week, Phil Naessens & Sherman get into what the Thunder have to look forward to as the playoffs arrive, and who the best matchup might be in the 1st round.

Zeb Talks Caron Butler's Role on Down to Dunk

It's not pretty. I also reflect on the MVP race, and look at what we can expect from the Spurs this week.

Nassens & Sherman talk Thunder vs Mavs, fast break

This week on the Phil Naessens Show, Phil and Sherman discuss what happened in the Thunder's loss to the Mavericks and what role their transition offense plays in their overall success. Listen in!

Naessens & Sherman talk Lamb vs Butler, Kiwi words

This week, check out the conversation that Naessens and Sherman have over the recent addition of Caron Butler and what it has meant to the development of Jeremy Lamb. Also, we play our weekly Kiwi words challenge. Check it out!

Naessens & Sherman talk Westbrook vs Beverley

This week, Naessens and Sherman get into the Thunder Rockets rivalry and how Westbrook did against his nemesis Patrick Beverley. Listen in!

Naessens & Sherman talk Thunder, Sefolosha injury

This week, Naessens & Sherman talk about how the Thunder have performed defensively this past week and the impact that losing Sefolosha will have during the remainder of the season. We also play the Kiwi words challenge, so tune in!

Sherman & Naessens talk losing streak, Kiwi words

This week, Phil and I delve into what's going wrong with the Thunder defense. Plus, his weekly word challenge! Listen in!

Zeb Talks Jason Collins and Telfair on Naessens

We talk about Jason Collins historic day, Raymond Felton's demise, and the Warriors' recent success.


Naessens: talking The Servant, trades, Kiwi words

Get your day going with The Phil Naessens Show, where we discuss Kevin Durant, the trade deadline, Kiwi words, and more!

Zeb Talks NBA Trade Deadline on Down to Dunk

We talk about the implications of moving Sefolosha or Perkins, as well as what could happen to some of the other players around the league.

Sherman & Naessens talk Thunder, Kiwi word test

This week, Phil Naessens and I continue our discussion on the Thunder's remarkable season and play Kiwi Words Test. Check it out!

Zeb Talks Knicks Disaster on Phil Naessens

We talk about where the Knicks are, what they need to do to be successful, and why Mike Woodson can't be a part of their future.

Sherman & Naessens talk Kiwi words, Thunder ball

This week on the Phil Naessens Show, I quiz Phil on Kiwi words and we discuss how the Thunder are evolving this season. Check it out!

Zeb Talks David Stern's Legacy on Phil Naessens

We discuss the lockouts, the vetoed Paul trade, the dress code, the "frozen envelope" scandal, and much more.

Sherman & Naessens talk Durant vs LeBron and more

This week on the Phil Naessens Show, we get into how the Thunder finally broke through against the Heat and how Durant now stacks up against LeBron. Listen in!

Zeb Talks Team USA Selections on Phil Naessens

Who has what it takes to make the 12 man roster?

Sherman & Naessens talk Durant's offensive surge

This week on the Phil Naessens Show, we try to make sense of how Durant has taken the next level in his superstar supremacy. Listen in!

Zeb Talks Thunder Mid-Season Review on DowntoDunk

What kind of player will Jeremy Lamb be? Will Presti fire the trigger on a trade?

Zeb Talks East All-Stars, Jerseys on Phil Naessens

We make our unpredictable Eastern Conference All-Star picks and participate in a little bit of sleeved jersey bashing.

Sherman and Phil Naessens talk Thunder struggles

This week, Phil Naessens and Sherman discuss the Thunder's recent struggles, their loss to the Nuggets, and how to keep Kevin Durant healthy. Check it out!

Zeb Talks NBA in Europe, Hawks-Nets on Naessens

Flying to London during the regular season? Give me a break!

Sherman & Naessens talk Thunder woes

This week, Sherman and Phil Naessens discuss the rocky road that the Thunder face and more. Listen in!

Zeb Discusses Deng Trade on Phil Naessens

Is Andrew Bynum's career over?

Craig Brenner talks Westbrook injury on NBA 4 Life

Listen in to this week's NBA 4 Life program where Craig Brenner discusses the Russell Westbrook injury and more. Check it out!

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