Thunder Film Room

Did Ibaka finally get the best of Aldridge?


Serge Ibaka has often found himself on the short end of the stick against All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge. How did he do in OKC's big win over Portland yesterday?

Durant dominates Melo in head to head matchup


It was billed as a marquee matchup between the NBA's 2 best scorers. It turned into anything but.

Perk vs Vucevic: who controlled the paint?


Perkins went against Nikola Vucevic in Orlando. Who came out on top between the two big men?

Ibaka vs Randolph: which forward has the power?


Power forwards Serge Ibaka and Zach Randolph locked horns last night. Who won the head-to-head matchup?

Film study: Durant and Ibaka solve the trap


Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka are developing a 2-man game that solves the problem of defenders trapping Durant far from the rim. Here is what it looks like.

Kevin Durant Iso Setup with Flare Option


We take a look at a play designed for Durant and Westbrook, as well as looking at whether it can consistently work with Reggie Jackson.

The Thunder's Offense Without Russell Westbrook


And what we can do to fix it.

What happens when OKC uses an all-bench lineup?


The Thunder's second-most used lineup this season is an all-bench lineup without Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook. Scott Brooks has trusted his bench to get the job done, and they have.

Westbrook's Turnovers: What's the Deal?


Westbrook's always been a high-turnover player, but his past few games have seen his numbers skyrocket. We delve into why, and whether that could actually be a good thing.

A Typical Day for Jeremy Lamb


We go through what was a typical night for Jeremy Lamb, and analyze his strengths and weaknesses.


Thunder playbook: Horns pindown for Jeremy Lamb


Jeremy Lamb has surpassed expectations. In this session of the Thunder film room, we take a look at how the Thunder are getting the 2nd year shooting guard open.

How the Thunder Nearly Lost to the Magic


We break down the Thunder's late game offense, as well as delving into some of the natural advantages that the Magic possess.

How Andre Roberson Shut Down Kobe Bryant


0 Points, 0-4 Shooting, 6 Assists, 4 Turnovers. Those were Kobe's stats while our man Roberson was in the game.

Reggie Jackson Hauls the Mail


On a career-high night, he was able to lead the Thunder to victory over the Spurs. But how?

Film Study: Less is more for Ibaka


Thunder big-man, Serge Ibaka, had one of the finest offensive stretches of his career against the Wizards, Clippers, Warriors and Bucks. How was Air-Congo able to impact the offensive end by not...

Film Study: How did the Thunder ICE the Nuggets?


The Thunder made the big comeback on Monday night against the Nuggets, and one of the keys was their defensive adjustments in the 4th quarter. Watch our film study to see how it was done.

Film study: how did Warriors make all those 3's?


We take a deeper look at the long range shooting exhibition the Warriors put on the Thunder Thursday night and examine what needs to be done defensively so it doesn't happen again.

Film Study: Is OKC's bench better than we thought?


The Oklahoma City Thunder's bench has lost a sixth-man in each of the past two off-seasons. However, with a mixture of youth and veteran leadership, the Thunder's second unit will be just fine this...

Defense: OKC keeps it simple and dominates


By taking advantage of traits like mobility and athleticism, Scott Brooks has built one of the best defenses in the NBA out of one of its youngest teams.

Coach Nick talks ICE; how does it impact Thunder?


Coach Nick talks ICE pick and roll defense. How can the Thunder get better both playing against and using this set?

Featuring Reggie Jackson as Russell Westbrook


With Russell Westbrook out, Reggie Jackson is the starting point guard for the first 4-6 weeks of the season. It's not an easy job, and while he did well in the playoffs, there are still a lot of...

The Spurs' loop play, re-imagined for the Thunder


The Spurs' loop play which they run so well for Tony Parker might be a good fit for Russell Westbrook, who isn't unlike Parker in some ways. Let's take a look at how they might run their own loop...

Play breakdown: Westbrook-Durant pick-and-roll


They're not the most conventional pick-and-roll pairing, but Westbrook and Durant were very deadly as ball-handler-and-screener last season.

Where does Ibaka need to improve defensively?


Serge Ibaka has led the league in blocks and made the All-Defensive first team in both of the last two seasons. Where does he still need to improve on defense?

Watch: Parker does it both wrong and right, wins


Tony Parker ran an epic play at the end of Game 1. Was it an epic win or an epic fail?

The Thunder's D? "You look fine to me."


The Thunder defense took a beating against the Knicks. How did they recover?

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