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SDH's 2012/2013 NBA Worst to First Previews and Predictions: 3. Oklahoma City Thunder

For numerous basketball purists it must have been agonizing to watch the Oklahoma City Thunder play last season. Here was a team who ranked dead last in assists per game, committed the most turnovers, and had the lowest assist to turnover ratio in the league. Yet they were still able to finish with the second best record in the Western Conference and managed to beat not one, or two, but three former NBA Champions who in the last 15 years had won ten NBA titles between to reach the NBA Finals. What made it even more infuriating to purists of the game was that the Thunder’s playoff success was not due to the team playing well, but rather the opposite. Both the Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Lakers played terribly allowing a team with a rather simplistic and predictable offense to simply steamroll them while the San Antonio Spurs, who started the Western Conference Final series with a two games to one lead simply folded under the pressure. Only the Miami Heat had the insight and the common sense to figure out the way to shut down the Thunder and it did so by rather simple roster adjustment. Instead of having their star Lebron James use up much of his energy defending Thunder star Kevin Durant in the series, heat coach Erick Spoelstra had a better idea. He shifted Lebron to the power forward position placing the Heat’s defensive specialist Shane Battier to humbug Durant on the defensive end. Spoelstra, as many have already surmised knew that the Thunder’s offense primary consisted of the ball being dominated by both Durant and Russell Westbrook while their three other teammates simply stood and watched. Knowing full well that Serge Ibaka would not less see the ball let alone get any touches, he knew that Lebron would be free to aide with doubling down on Durant along with not spending energy guarding on the defensive end.

Thunder Sign F Serge Ibaka to 4yr/$40 mil Extension

Good for Ibaka, but it remains to be seen what's in the cards for James Harden.

The Thunder have to stop Z-Bo. The question is, is it even possible?

The most shocking element of the 2011 Playoffs has been the spectacular play of Z-Bo.

Loud Links Weekend Fast Break: 2010-2011 NBA TV Preview

NBA TV's Rick Kamla, Kevin McHale and Dennis Scott give a preview for the Thunder for the upcoming season. They project the starting lineup this season to be Durant, Westbrook, Sefalosha, Green and Krstic, however I would not be surprised to see Harden replace Sefalosha as the starter on more than one occasion.

OKC Thunder Like to Play NBA2k and Tweet About It

So I've been following all of the Thunder players on twitter for a while now and they would always tweet about playing NBA2k. I took a few screen shots of their tweets. Check it out here. Now only if I can find out what their gamertags are.

We Have Good Announcers, Too!

I not only like their style, I like the fact that they seem to have really adopted the State.

Hooked on a Longhorn

One priceless piece on Kevin Durant. Have to admit, I never thought I'd say kind things about a Longhorn, either, but this one has earned it big time. Highlights: When asked if he or Blake Griffin was the most popular sports figure in Oklahoma, he quickly answered Sam Bradford. Then who should have won the Heisman? Coly McCoy, of course. Loves to tease everyone north of the river flashing the Horns sign, but doesn't get mad when it's returned upside-down. Refused to pose for his Rookie Challenge MVP short until teammates Green & Westbrook were alongside.

Play Hard, Pray Hard

A wonderful story about the pre-game prayer at Thunder games. It's one of those which has to be read; describing it doesn't do it justice.

Thunder Stun Dallas

Game Highlights: Krstic's highest scoring game since 2006; Westbrook's first triple double; first triple-double since the move Great night; good job

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