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OKC THUNDER FANS! - click the youtube link above to listen to a song for the OKC THUNDER basketball team!!

Thunder Sign F Serge Ibaka to 4yr/$40 mil Extension

Good for Ibaka, but it remains to be seen what's in the cards for James Harden.

Video of Kevin Durant signing autographs in MPLS

Video showing why Kevin Durant is one of the most well respected players in the NBA.

Merry Christmas, Welcome To Loud City Readers!

I hope you and yours are enjoying Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or whatever holiday you might happen to celebrate on this most excellent of Winter Solstices. Above is a link to the shoe Kevin Durant will be wearing on Christmas Day against the Nuggets. If they sold it in Size 18, I just might pick one up.

All Star Ballot Released

The ballot for the 2011 All Star Game in Los Angeles has been released. Four Thunder players are on the Western Conference ballot. They are: Kevin Durant Jeff Green Russell Westbrook Thabo Sefolosha Voters will select two guards, two forwards and one center for each conference, with the rest of the rosters being filled out by coaches' decision. The article did not state when voting opens at www.nba.com, but rest assured WTLC will tell you as soon as the polls open!

Loud Links Weekend Fast Break: 2010-2011 NBA TV Preview

NBA TV's Rick Kamla, Kevin McHale and Dennis Scott give a preview for the Thunder for the upcoming season. They project the starting lineup this season to be Durant, Westbrook, Sefalosha, Green and Krstic, however I would not be surprised to see Harden replace Sefalosha as the starter on more than one occasion.

Kevin Durant: The Best Player in the World

Kevin Durant led Team USA in winning the FIBA World Championship for the first time since 1994. He led all scoring against Turkey with 28 points and was the obvious leader of Team USA. This FIBA USA team was known as the "B-Team" after the stars of the Olympic team did not return. No Kobe, no LeBron, no Wade…no problem. With Durant leading Team USA to a gold, people are now wondering, how good is Kevin Durant? ESPN has even been answering the question of whether he now becomes the best player in the world. My answer to this…Yes!

"OKC Poised To Dethrone Lakers"

"It’s going to require a mindset of taking what’s been earned and no doubt highly cherished by the Lakers. Nothing is guaranteed, nothing will be given. So all that is left – is to go get it."

A look back at fan reaction to Kevin Durant’s pre-draft visit to Portland

Article and videos chronicling the scene surrounding Kevin Durant’s visit and workout with Portland, prior to the 2007 NBA Draft. The net result is great times for the Thunder and what might have been for the talented, but incomplete Blazers.

Kevin Durant: "My Thoughts on Women’s Hoops"

Point blank: If Kevin Durant likes women's basketball, you probably could too. "First off, I’m a big fan of basketball no matter who’s playing – women, men, young kids. Being drafted into the NBA, I know that’s a big thing for anybody to be able to go into the profession they’ve always wanted to go to. So to see the smiles on everyone’s faces when they heard their names called during the WNBA Draft was something I enjoyed."

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