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Getting To Know Nate Tibbetts / Discussing Impact On The Thunder


First of all, we gotta give a shout out to our good friend Ridiculous Scott over at Ridiculous Upside for cluing us in to this news earlier today that Nate Tibbetts has been named the Head Coach of...

We've Evaluated Everyone...Who Should Stay? Who Should Go?


So now that we have the end of season evaluations out of the way, who stays, and who goes? We're going to make our pitch as to who should be on the Thunder roster come the start of the 2009-10...

Thunder and Lightning? Check this out!


So maybe you saw my little rant of a fanpost over at Ridiculous Upside the other day, which basically called in to question why the D-League Uniforms are so mundane. Anyway, amidst the commenting...

End of Season Evaluation: Robert Swift


The focus of today's evaluation is the most recent player in a long line of failed 7' foot centers for the Sonic/Thunder organization. Robert Swift is a strange case when you take a step back and...

End of Season Evaluation: Shaun Livingston


Shaun Livingston is a guy that you might not be too familiar with since he only recently joined the team. If that is the case you may not know that he was a top 5 pick in the NBA draft back in...

End of Season Evaluation: Chucky Atkins


So Chucky Atkins is yet another player who finished the season on the Thunder roster, but was not there to start the season. He was acquired from Denver, along with a Nuggets first round draft...

End of Season Evaluation: D.J. White


Our end of season evaluations continue tonight with Rookie D.J. White. D.J. was a bit of a disappointment this season, but only in the sense that we didn't get to see as much of D.J. on the court...

Shaun Livingston Officially Joins Thunder, DJ White Also Recalled


Former #4 overall pick Shaun Livingston signs multi-year deal with Thunder, and DJ White is recalled as well from D-League Tulsa.

Live Blog: Los Angeles Defenders @ Tulsa 66ers


DJ White makes his home debut for the 66ers as we continue our series of Live blogs from the Spirit Bank Event Center.

Thunder Should Take a Look at 3 Tulsa 66ers


Are there any future Thunder players currently playing ball in Tulsa for the DLeague 66ers.

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