Game Recap

Thunder 115, Timberwolves 110: Despite 5 Injuries, Timberwolves Make This One Fun to Watch (2011-2012 Game 60 Recap)


You know, I really didn't think the Timberwolves could even come close to challenging for a win. And usually when things don't turn out how I thought they would, I say that the Thunder didn't do X...

Thunder 115, Kings 89: The Game Which Will Be Remembered only for "The Slam" (2011-2012 Game 59 Quick Recap)


The Thunder outright dominated this one. The game was basically over by the half.

Clippers 100, Thunder 98: Chris Paul Takes Over, Thunder Self-Destruct (2011-2012 Game 58 Quick Recap)


After two games of delusion against the Eastern Conference, the Thunder are back in the reality of their situation. Deep in the fourth quarter, the Thunder's offense went scoreless over a critical...

Thunder 109, Bucks 89: Thunder Beat the Bucks at Their Own Game, Shut Down Milwaukee's Backcourt (2011-2012 Game 57 Quick Recap)


That victory was pretty relaxing. It was awesome to see the Thunder just outright dominate a game from start to finish against a playoff quality team.

Thunder 91, Raptors 75: Thunder Go on 24-0 Run, Bargnani Misses Second Half (2011-2012 Game 56 Quick Recap)


Relief. Tonight, you could see just how much of a key player Andrea Bargnani was to Toronto's offense. When you take away both that amount of scoring and decision making ability in the middle of...

Final score: Pacers 103, Thunder 98


Despair. What's so painful about this game is that the Thunder were extremely close to recovering from 30 minutes of atrocious play with 18 minutes of good play. They're a darn good team, but they...

Heat 98, Thunder 93: Lost Mojo Leads to a Ugly Heat Win (2011-2012 Game 54 Quick Recap)


The Thunder were playing a fantastic game tonight, up until about 6 minutes to go in the second quarter.Kendrick Perkins got called for a stupid technical foul. A few minutes later, Russell...

Grizzlies 98, Thunder 94: Thunder Go Ice Cold in the Fourth (2011-2012 Game 53 Quick Recap)


You know, it had to happen sometime. The letdown game. And I really don't mind it happening against this Grizzlies team.

Thunder 92, Bulls 78: Sunday Afternoon Domination, Starring Russell Beastbrook (2011-2012 Game 52 Quick Recap)


Adrenaline. This game was a beatdown in it's purest form. The Thunder never trailed, and the lead wasn't even remotely threatened beyond the first quarter.

Thunder 102, Lakers 93: Gasol's Foul Trouble and Atrocious Bench Play Handicap the Lakers (2011-2012 Game 51 Quick Recap)


Another fantastic win for the Thunder. The Lakers actually came out of the gate screaming, scoring well and playing excellent defense. But, as we saw, they're still a terribly flawed team.

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