WTLC (Misc)

Thunder Blog Profiles: Oklahoma City Thunder Blog, by Ed Kleese


Since you're here, you probably know that Welcome to Loud City exists. And if you don't live under a rock, you probably know that Daily Thunder exists as well. But what about the smaller Thunder...

The Ultimate Sports Social Media Job Contest


Yo guys, here's a contest that comes from the guys at Comcast. It's an ad, sure, but it's also a chance to get your dream job! So participate, or continue to live a life of lost opportunity! Have...

OKC ThunderCast #82: The Loss of Eric Maynor


The Thunder got younger again when Reggie Jackson became the backup point guard. He looks good so far, but is he ready to be "Mr. April"?

OKC ThunderCast #81: The Lockout Still Stinks


Season Four kicks off dramatically with a 4-0 start and the most impressive and memorable buzzer beating three-pointer in Thunder history. However, we’re not ready to write the lockout into...

Re-Branding the Oklahoma City Thunder....Again!


Tim Gengler of the Bunny Dojo has taken past criticism and come up with an entirely new re-design. This time, he added a good dash of yellow to his design, and did a good job of blending symbolism...

Polling WTLC: Do you care about Exhibition Games or Foreign Leagues?


My question to you, the readers, is this. Do you care about these exhibition games? Do you care about foreign leagues? Or is it just all about the NBA?

How You Can Help Make SBNation Better


I'm just here to inform you guys of a survey that you can do in order to help us serve you better. There's a charitable incentive involved.

Get Welcome to Loud City on Your iPhone!


The SB Nation iPhone app is now available in the App Store! And it's Free! Now you can stay on top of all the latest news and commentary for Welcome to Loud City and all 300+ SB Nation blogs from...

James "Metapod" Harden Wallpaper, Courtesy of Adam Lucas at AdamLucasDesign.com


Recently I asked Adam Lucas, who had recently showcased his work on WTLC, to do some wallpapers for the site. He agreed, and today he unleashed upon us a James "Metapod" Harden wallpaper.

Re-Branding the Oklahoma City Thunder: What if Actual Work Had Been Put Into Making Our Logo?


Well, year three of the Thunder has concluded, and one opinion I have about the team has not changed. I still hate the logo. Look within to see another Thunder logo that would have taken a...

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