Game Recap

Thunder 109, Trail Blazers 95: Throwing the Hammer Down, Retreating, and Throwing it Down Again (2011-2012 Game 50 Quick Recap)

The Thunder dominated the first half with great team play, and beat back a few Portland comebacks with great individual play from Westbrook and Harden.

Thunder 103, Heat 87: Durant Plays Out of His Mind, Thunder Secure Victory (2011-2012 Game 49 Quick Recap)

The Thunder were able to go on a crucial run late in the second quarter, continually exploit the Heat at their weakest points, and fight back any spark runs the Heat might be deciding to have. Against the league's second strongest team, the Thunder put in an even stronger performance.

Thunder 149, Timberwolves 140: Both Durant and Westbrook Score in the 40s for the Second Time This Season (2011-2012 Game 48 Full Recap)

So, after two long overtimes of action, the Thunder pulled out a solid win over the Timberwolves. But with any game that goes to 2OT, there's going to be a good amount of successes and failures.

Thunder 149, Timberwolves 140; Kevin Love Goes for 51, Thunder Win in Double Overtime Anyway (2011-2012 Game 48 Quick Recap)

Tons of excitement touched with just a tinge of malaise. The Thunder won the game, and they hit some amazing shots in order to do so. But there was absolutely no reason the Thunder should have gone to double-overtime in order to win tonight.

Thunder 114, Clippers 91: A Total Rout and a Career Low for Blake (2011-2012 Game 47 Quick Recap)

Pure joy. After so many sloppy performances, the Thunder finally lit a fire under themselves and decided that they wouldn't waste any time in putting the Clippers away.

Jazz 97, Thunder 90: Durant, Harden Fall in Love With the 3 and Lose It All (2011-2012 Game 46 Quick Recap)

This was the worst game I've seen this season. We've played technically worse games before, like the debacle against the Wizards back in January. But tonight, the Thunder just ceased to try.

Thunder 111, Trail Blazers 95: Durant Shines in Home Court Domination (2011-2012 Game 45 Quick Recap)

Man, what a game. Shots were falling like the rain in Spain's plains.

Thunder 105, Spurs 114: Where Things Went Wrong (2011-2012 Game 44 Full Recap)

This recap assesses the different slumps we had tonight, including some questionable coaching decisions.

Spurs 114, Thunder 105: Thunder Come Back from 27 Down to Within 2, Fall Short in Final Seconds (2011-2012 Game 44 Quick Recap)

I don't know what Daequan Cook did early on to warrant his benching tonight, but I would have much rather had him in the game than Royal Ivey when the Thunder were getting trampled in the early 2nd.

Thunder 103, Nuggets 90: Lingering Thoughts (2011-2012 Game 43 Full Recap)

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook combined for a measly 47 points, barely over half of their previous total when facing off against the Nuggets. Fortunately, the rest of the team stepped up, and the Thunder were able to easily cruise to victory over the Nuggets in the fourth quarter last night.

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