Adams Watch

A Kiwi in Thunder Land.

Breaking: Zach Randolph suspended for game 7


Zach Randolph will not be suiting up for the deciding game 7. He has been suspended following a punch to Steven Adams.

Adams Watch! It's a Block Party for Steven Adams!


Steven Adams was all over the place in Game 6. From effective screens to crazy blocks, his contribution was much needed.

The Steven Adams Tournament of Spoils & Prime Rib


By way of New Zealand, we bring you the first ever Steven Adams tournament, highlighting Steven Adams doing Steven Adams things.

Steven Adams Watch: shutting down a dominant PF


Steven Adams played outstanding defense against one of the best power forwards in the NBA, Blake Griffin. It looks like he is finally forming into a defensive anchor that everyone hopes he will be.

Adams Watch: the rebounds finally come


Steven Adams' alma mater's big win over Colorado in the NCAA tournament parallels his success in OKC.

Adams Watch: solid Houston game earns him an A-


Steven Adams proved his worthiness when he contained Dwight Howard. Can this be a sneak peek for years to come?

Adams Watch: minimal minutes, minimal production


Steven Adams struggled in his 3rd week as a starter, as the Thunder overall is looking for better balance.

The NZhoops connection: recapping Thunder & Adams


This week in the WTLC-NZH connection, we turn once more to Todd Jones who offers up his Australian input on the Thunder and the Kiwi phenomenon.

Adams Watch: week 2 in starting role


Steven Adams continues to learn the ropes as the starting center for the Thunder.

Adams Watch: charting the Kiwi in starting lineup


We take a loser ongoing look at Steven Adams now that he has stepped into the starting lineup to replace the injured Kendrick Perkins.


Introducing NZ Hoops and the Kiwi connection


We welcome and announce a new partnership with NZ Hoops so that the Thunder and Steven Adams experience can be heard from both sides of the globe.

WTLC Presents: the Sweet as Thunder-Kiwi Lexicon


Join forces with your New Zealand Thunder friends with this handy lexicon.

The Great Kiwi Crowd Sourcing Experiment


WTLC invites all people fluent in Kiwi jargon to help us build out a lexicon for all to enjoy.

Adams Watch: fouling up or fighting forward?


Thunder rookie Steven Adams recently fouled out in 3 straight games. Is this systemic of bigger problems or simply growing pains?


Adams Watch! Steven Adams marvels at tiny bathtubs

Steven Adams is looking for a new home. Maybe near you.

Perkins vs. Adams: The Passing of the Torch


Adams has produced the Thunder's first double-double from a center in 1.5 years. How long is it until he's the starter?


Adams-Watch: Vinsanity discovers Kiwi Strong

Vince Carter decided to tussle with rookie Steven Adams. He discovered something about the Kiwi Phenom.

How good is Steven Adams?


Oklahoma City Thunder center Steven Adams will have a better career than current Miami Heat center Greg Oden.

What is Steven Adams' role with the Thunder?


Steven Adams has earned minutes with the Oklahoma City Thunder after a solid pre-season. What is expected from the rookie and how will Scott Brooks make room for his new asset?

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