Help an italian guy understand

Hi everyone,

I am a guy from italy, and in the last couple of years I have begun to follow the nba, especially the thunder, closely. The problem is I don't get to see many full games, only the highlights, so even if I read a LOT of articles and game analysis (and have a good grasp of stat theory) I feel I am missing the full picture.

So I would be very grateful if someone could give me his opinion on te following subjects:

1) What is the problem with PJ3? I have only seen limited minutes of him playing, but he would seem to be a great fit in almost every nba team. He is big enough to play some C while being quick enough to guard SG, and on this team he would be a 4th/5th option on the offense. If he ever improves his BBIQ he could be lock down 3s and 4s.

With his atheticism and 3point range he should be playing significant minutes, kind of what Adams (love him, btw) does, but he barely plays and when he does he doesn't impress much. Would a front court of him and ibaka be any good? What would such a front line lack? Possible matchup problems?

2) since Thabo might leave and Jackson might be pricing himself out of okc range as a 6th man, could Jackson became a starter (and get starter money) along side westbrook in a double PG lineup, like the suns? I know it already happens but I am talking about it becoming the most used lineup. Wes is pretty strong for a pg so he could guard most 2s (although he might lack some length), and reggie has loooong arms and above average speed so he could hold his own on D. I think the improvements on the offensive end when they are both on the court are easy to see, and if they continue improving their range and learn to play with each other more... Once again, what are the disadvantages of such a lineup?

Why aren't they playing with



If they did, they wouldn't have any holes on the starting line-up, and could easily put up a great bench with draft picks and minor free agents (with perks and thabos' s contract expiring).

Any opinion will be more than welcome


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