WTLC Daily Loud Links: January, 30 2014

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Here are your daily loud links!

The Thunder took down the Heat last night and I finally took down this flu virus that had been owning me for about a week, so overall it was a really good night. Now, take a look at some of these links!


First, go over and check out WTLC's recap on last night's game! After you read it, you should vote on the poll and then see who most of you are saying is the Thunder Wonder.

Derek Fisher....what do you say about Derek Fisher? Thanks for hitting shots when it counts. Thank you so, so much.

The Thunder are being represented by Kevin Durant in the all-star game Sunday, but on Friday, KIWI STRONG WILL SUIT UP. Steven Adams has been selected to the Rising Stars Challenge and all the other rookies are really scared. We're all happy for Steven and that should be fun, but another Thunder player got snubbed.

In somewhat of a surprise, Thunder second-year guard Jeremy Lamb was not selected to take part.

If you're a Thunder fan.. heck if you're an NBA fan, you knew that the Thunder had no chance against the Heat if Kendrick Perkins stayed out on the floor for too long. It's not saying Perk is a scrub, but Miami makes people pay when they have slow guys on defense, and Perk really is bad offensively. Last night, however, Scott Brooks listened to every single analytical stat and every single blogger and sat down Perkins after a brutal start. Here's Darnell Mayberry from The Oklahoman talking some more about the phenomenon.

Brooks did something he's done only one other time, something fans and close followers figured he ought to have done long, long ago. He switched his lineup against the Heat. He went small, matched up properly and watched his boys go to town. Because he did, one word effectively characterized this contest from the Thunder's perspective: finally.

Two words. That's the number of words that Gregg Popovich blurred out during his ESPN after quarter interview. Mark Jones is probably hoping he got the Jeff Van Gundy treatment, because he needs a hug.

Also, when former great players are getting on Twitter and are proclaiming you the MVP of the league when there's still three months of the season to play, you know you're a monster. And that's exactly what happened last night when Tracy McGrady took to twitter to reveal his MVP pick.

It's okay T-Mac, Adam Silver will give it to him in a couple of months.

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