2013 NBA Finals: Three Reasons the Spurs Close the Series Tonight

Danny Green reacts during game five of the NBA Finals - Kevin C. Cox

Who do you think will win game 6? It says here that the Spurs close it out and win the title.

There are plenty of reasons the San Antonio Spurs could be NBA Finals Champions after Tuesday night, but I'll keep it sweet and to the point.


Danny Green, Spurs Shooting Guard, has been shooting lights out all series. In game five, he broke the record for most three point field goals ever made in a NBA Finals series, breaking Ray Allen's record. He shot 6-10 (60%) in game five, having yet another unbelievable performance. Small Forward Kawhi Leonard has also been playing fantastic, shooting 2-4 (50%) from beyond the arc in game five.

With Manu Ginoboli starting for only the first time, both regular and postseason in game five, the first thing he did was nail a three pointer. That was the only one he made all game, but he still shot amazingly all game, ending out 8-14 from the field with 24 points. He was the biggest part of the Spurs success in game five, so starting him again for game six is a no-brainer.

The Spurs finished out shooting exactly 60.0% from the field, which is much better than the Miami Heat's 47.8%. Don't get me wrong, they're both pretty good, but 60% is unbelievable.


Something the Spurs haven't been able to do all-that-well all series, but game five was an average defensive performance. The big three of Miami, LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh, combined for 66 of their 104 points. Chris Bosh only scored 16, which isn't bad when you have to defend a big post man like Bosh.

The one stat that jumps off the page, is that when LeBron James was guarded by Boris Diaw in game five, he shot one-for-eight. Who's Boris Diaw? Good question. Yet Diaw was able to use great positioning and the ability to avoid fouling James during a critical 6 minute stretch in the 2nd half that all but decided the game.


I know this seems pretty simple, but getting the chemistry down on a new group, even one new member is never easy. With Manu Ginobili entering the starting group, he scored or assisted on the first three scores for the Spurs in game five. Ginobili finished game five with 24 points and 10 assists, which shows that starting him was actually a great decision. Maybe they missed something for the other 102 games..

Those are the three reasons the Spurs will be NBA Champions after Tuesday night.

What do you think?

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