2013 NBA Champs?

Are The Thunder the future 2013 nba champs? Well if you talk to any thunder fan they would all tell you "YES!" as soon as the words left your mouth. But why are we this confident? Well if you look at the past that is all you need to see.

Look at the 2012 NBA finals. Game one, the heat are up by so many points in Oklahoma City and no one had confidence, No one but us fans and the team. Followed by a few great defensive possessions by the thunder and multiple clutch three pointers by so many of our perfect players WE were on top of the world. We fought all odds and came back and won game one!

I remember coming to this website the next day and reading all the posts and we all thought we were destined to win it all. WE said how we got the best punch from the heat and we over came it. espn was talking about a possible sweep after one game, We all thought it was destiny. But it wasn't.

We followed game one by having an embarrassing finish to the finals. WE blew it. WE lost four straight games because we thought we had it won after one game. That's not how the NBA works.

I came onto the website at the beginning of the season and we think we should be favorites again? we think we actually have a shot after the pathetic excuse for basketball we played after game one? Why is that thunder fans?

Well the argument is there. Our explosive offense is way to powerful for anyone to stop(Except t the heat can stop it). We have arguably the best player in the NBA and another top 10 player. But let me ask you, Where were they in games 2-5 in the finals?

Confidence is important but its sad when confidence becomes stupidity. I'll be the first to say we are in no position to ever have confidence in this team until they prove worthy of it. It seems this year our team is more confident than ever after getting shut down in the finals.

Believe all you want thunder fans, but as long as Lebron James is in the league we need to stop setting ourselves up for disappointment.

You can keep your head up all you want thunder fans, but how long will western conference championships be considered success. So lets stop with all the "It's our year" crap, because we all know this team is not ready to win it all and may never be.

I'll still be a fan for life, but i may be the only one who sticks with this team when we go down the drain. Its coming soon thunder fans so stay confident while the time lasts because success doesn't last forever and our success will probably last shorter than most....

This post does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of Welcome to Loud City or SB Nation. However, it was made by one of the members of the Welcome to Loud City community, so there is a large chance the above post is extremely ballin'!

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