yo but this is what the knicks think

yes, tis true. i represent the knicks legion of crazed fans. of course i also speak for management and it's employees. we were all viscously disappointed when you lost in the finals to those bums from miami. but hey, your whole team is like 22 years old. so- you're clearly on to something here (just in case you's hadn't noticed). keep hammering away, and in no time, you should be able to win, not one, not two... but uhhh... a bunch of western conference championships. i kid, i kid! love is love.

so lets rap folks, i gotta say- i was furiously disgusted to see kendrick perkins on the floor during many a crucial moment in the finals. histrionics. vitriol. fervor! i was also subtly, mildly, vaguely and half-semi-somewhat disappointed to see james harden lose the edge that makes him such a magnificent player. the poor guy wanted desperately to help the team, but one mistake befell the next and then he started thinking twice before reacting. but hey- you were right there! right right there!! the team is astonishingly young, and only going to get better and more savvy. that is; you'll get better IF and ONLY IF you go balls deep in the nba's sugar walls.

thats why you need to know what the knicks think. the knicks always go balls out. sometimes (usually) it gets stuff caught in our zipper. and i'll we'll tell you precisely what is going through our heads. are you ready for this? i bet you are- young as you may be, you've seen a lot, and you're hungry for more. so get a load of this:

dump perkins. the guy is a friggin bum. an absolute waste of space. be it roster space or salary cap space. he's taking up too much space. he is starting, which is preposterous. he is getting paid nine million a year, utter foolishness. his bad attitude confuses people, which doesn't make him an enforcer. he's a poor rebounder, shot blocker, can't score, and worst of all he holds the ball and forces up bad shots in the post every time he gets it. unathletic, bad attitude big men might seem like worthwhile players to have on a team. and maybe he is best buds with nick collison's uncles, and you don't want to upset them! god forbid! am i right!?

but real talk- collison was getting the job done, perkins wasn't. ibaka was effective, but his role was diminished because of collison playing well, and perkins being the square that scott brooks needed to mash into the circle shape. so alright, whatever, enough railing. perkins gotta go, yea yea. but here's what you do. go get josh smith. it allows you to keep harden as a sixth man, if you want. it gets perkins out of the mix. its beautiful- check this out:

perkins, reggie jackson, and perry jones for josh smith. straight up and down. its beautiful. maybe the hawks are a hard sell, so you might have to swap eric maynor for reggie jackson. that one might hurt. but i tell ya its worth it! also- hey, since you're going for it, you can maybe put daequan cook in there and pull out deshawn stevenson. now that is BALLS OUT! josh smith is on the final year of his contract. so maybe he decides he doesn't want to stay. that might seem like a bad thing, or a bad prospect or something. but its not! its beautiful. you'll have a guy in a contract year! always a great motivator amongst nba players. and he'll be playing for a championship! AND he can guard up and down, sf, pf, c- smith is a great post defender. excellent weak side shot blocker, good rebounder, ridiculously good finisher. and you can let him decide, after winning a championship in his first year with the team whether he wants to stay or not.

the reasons it works:

1. danny ferry probably wants to unload smith without losing him for nothing.

2. old nba logic makes dummies like danny ferry think kendrick perkins is somehow valuable.

3. the hawks are all about the expiring contracts, and young talent, thusly cook, thusly maynor, thusly jones, and rather unthusly the albatross in the room, perkins. on the flip thusly potentially unloading stevenson. the hawks will be in full rebuilding mode, and will be in line to get a great lottery pick, better than the one they probably get at their current rate. this all makes sense.

the reasons it doesn't works:

1. old nba logic makes dummies think kendrick perkins is somehow valuable. just because the guy has size, and acts tough. well guess what, given the multitude of rule changes since the mid 90's, skill and wit matters infinitely more than size and blind aggression.

2. the hawks might not be dumb enough to take perkins.

3. you might not be ready to go all in.

so look, your lineup could be this (for years to come):

westbrook / (maynor or jackson)

harden / stevenson

durant / sefalosha

smith / collison

ibaka / whoever

but you gotta go balls out. balls deep. ball's in your court, i bet. throw draft picks on top, who cares!? whether you make this trade or don't- you're not gonna get a good draft pick for the next 5 or 10 years any way. step up okc! its for the greatest good. lakers wouldn't be a problem. heats wouldn't be a problem. go get josh smith. sign harden to the max, and if smith fits (he will) sign him too. and go on your merry dynasty way.

of course you'd owe a debt of gratitude to the knicks. but i assume you'll get over that.

Josh Smith Massive Slam on Kendrick Perkins (12.17.08) (via 23witty)

Kendrick Perkins with a beatiful pass(via LAsuperfly94)

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