OKC Loud Links: USA Marches On

Team USA defeated Australia, and the big thing I take away from it all is that I love listening to Australians call basketball games. I crack up every time I hear some bloke from down under say, "James Haaaa'dn." Good times.


SB Nation Free Agency Stream 2012

Stay on top of all player movement and rumors by checking out SB Nation's stream throughout the day.


Olympic Hoopapalooza | Grantland

Simmons took in all four quarterfinal games yesterday, and here is his account of how each team stacks up against the USA.

3-on-3: Changes | Daily Thunder

Royce Young is joined by Patrick James and Mrs. Royce to debate what they'd like to see differently this upcoming year. I think Young nails it in regard to OKC's unwillingness to be even a little flexible strategically during games. These guys have been playing together a long time; they need to get over the idea that someone's feelings might be hurt if the coach tinkers a bit to try and find better line-up strategies.

5 Olympic Observations | Behind the Basket

The Spurs may have done it again in picking up Patty Mills, one of the bright spots for Australia so far.

Kobe Has Nothing to Learn from USA Teammates | Ball Don't Lie

I didn't think it possible, but Kobe Bryant has somehow combined the rare feat of being one of the 20 best NBA players of all time while still having an overstated opinion of himself.

Kobe's Shooting Bores Young Fan | SB Nation

This little guy undoubtedly learned his sports attention behavior from a well-meaning parent.

Howard Trade Rumors That Never Die | SB Nation

Here is the latest "substance" talks about how Dwight Howard might end up in purple and gold. Call me crazy, but I don't think there's any way Denver would part with both Al Harrington AND Arron Afflalo in exchange for only Andre Iguodala.

Brooks Will Grow With His Team | NewsOK

Scott Brooks has a new contract, a young hungry team, and a positive outlook on his situation. He has to get better. He MUST get better. Just like his team.

Offseason Evaluations: Raptors, Bucks, Cavs, Bobcats, Pistons | Sports Illustrated

Lowe takes a look at some of the teams that are looking to get out of the NBA basement and push for a playoff birth next season. Of this group, I think the Cavaliers and Raptors have the best shot.

Biggest Winners By Stat | Wages of Wins

Kevin Durant wins the free throw shooting stat, and Serge Ibaka takes home the blocked shot tip of the cap. Of course that leads to an interesting question - if Ibaka effects games so much, why does it seem like at times he effects games so little?



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