OKC Loud Links: Summer League Gets Underway

Free agency continues apace, the Olympic team is getting started, and now in Orlando the summer league teams have begun their scrimmaging. We'll be keeping an eye on all three this week.

Summer League Tips With 8 Games Today | NBA.com

If you have access to NBA TV, the Celtics are playing the Thunder right now. If you have an Internet connection and the resourcefulness of a teenage boy, you can also find access to our first look at Perry Jones III in a Thunder practice jersey.

5 Small Things to Watch | Daily Thunder

PJ3 is what is on everyone's minds, but I'm with Young - I'm far more interested to see how Reggie Jackson handles himself with a season under his belt. We have heard nothing but good things about Eric Maynor's progress, but if he's not ready to go at the beginning of the season, Jackson will need to be prepared.

Crunching Cole's Minutes | NewsOK

Mayberry points out that Cole Aldrich has received the 8th fewest game minutes of any player over the past 2 seasons. Subsequently, Aldrich has had precious few opportunities to show his worth. It is time for that to change.

Players Turn to Olajuwon in Off-Season | Fox

Serge Ibaka is rumored to be joining one of the all-time greatest centers in NBA history for some training. Ibaka, you have to make this happen.

Kyrie Irving is Harry Potter With a Basketball | SB Nation

Uncle Drew has some serious handle.

Dwight Deal Would Cost Nets $107 Million in Tax Alone | SB Nation

Because any time you can get one of the three best centers in the game who has a history of coming up small in big games and likes to undermine his coaches, all the while forking over 1/10th of a billion dollars in unnecessary tax, you have to do it.

Moreyball is Dead | Hardwood Paroyxsm

The problem with cunningly gathering assets to eventually blow over another GM with an offer for a superstar is twofold.

  1. It needs to work.
  2. Players don’t like being assets.

Ramon Sessions a Good Fit for Detroit | Detroit Bad Boys

Ramon Sessions was supposed to be the point guard Kobe Bryant needed in L.A. Turns out, after getting eviscerated by Russell Westbrook for 5 games, not so much. Detroit is probably more his speed.

Celtics Overpaid for Green | Sports Illustrated

The Celtics decided to bring back Jeff Green after he missed all of last season with a heart condition. His new contract? An eye-popping $36 million over 4 years. Wow. I like Green and everything, but...wow.

Glen Davis Eats Food on TV | SB Nation

A match made in heaven, clearly. Good on Glen for finding his sweet spot in the public eye.


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