OKC Loud Links: Off-Day

One of the great magical things about the NBA playoffs is what happens during the off day when the game location switches from one site to another. Teams have an extra day to rest, study film, and collaborate on how they are going to adjust. Dallas has to work to save its season. Thunder can bring the hammer down on the defending champs. Something has to give, and both teams have to figure out how to do it.

Getting Physical | Daily Thunder

I don't know if the Metta World Peace elbow to James Harden's head has made everyone hyper-sensitive, but these stories coming out of Game 2's brief dust-up between Dirk Nowitzki and Kendrick Perkins make it seem like there's never been a competitive shove in the playoffs before.

Thunder Bench Steps Up | NewsOK

The OKC Thunder bench played a very solid game on Monday night, and as long as Shawn Marion is guarding Kevin Durant, they are going to have to continue to find ways to contribute on the offensive end.

Perk Gets Away With One | Sports Illustrated

I know that Lowe is a Celtics guy, so watching Kendrick Perkins steal one out of Kevin Garnett's playbook is something he's going to catch. Dirty? Nah. A foul? Sure. Call it next time and Perkins probably won't repeat the act.

Is Marion an Option for Guarding Westbrook? | ESPN

Yes, by all means, switch Shawn Marion off of Kevin Durant to guard Russell Westbrook. Give it a try, Mavs.

Grading the Thunder Through Two | NewsOK

Tramel doesn't grade Coach Scott Brooks, but I'd probably give him about a B+ for getting his team to execute better in the 4th quarter. However, Brooks gets docked a few points any time he leaves Derek Fisher in too long.

Serge Ibaka and the Art of Shot Blocking | NBA Playbook

Serge Ibaka has become a five-tool shot blocker, and he is single-handedly altering games on the defensive end.

Grandpa Was a Baller | The Classical

This is one of the best things this new writing project has produced. It's long, but well worth the read.

Harden or Durant - Who Wins Upton? | Grantland

I think this article is just a thinly veiled excuse to watch Kate Upton videos nonstop. Even so, in the end three things are confirmed - Durant is a dork, Harden has swag, and they both acted like teenagers around the SI swimsuit beauty.

Things Amare Should Have Punched | SB Nation

A foam memory mattress would have been a good choice. Also, of all the animated gifs created, this Office Space one is my favorite.

Derrick Rose: Alone | SB Nation

Undoubtedly the saddest image we have from the playoffs thus far.

Buy a Mamba Mask | Ball Don't Lie

Slightly used, sweaty, doesn't like to pass the ball.

The Top 10 Dunkers of 2012 | The Hoop Doctors

Quite a compilation here, so check it out.

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