OKC Loud Links: What is In Store Tonight?

Game 1 was decidedly a Thunder affair, while Game 2 was played at a speed that the Lakers need to maintain in order to have a shot at winning some games. OKC will surely make some mistakes, but how will they deal with the Lakers' need to overplay the high screens and pick and rolls? Will Kobe Bryant finally shake his shooting slump? How will the two most prominent LA kids (Westbrook & Harden) do in their homecoming?

Harden, Westbrook Going Back to Cali | NewsOK

James Harden and Russell Westbrook grew up watching the Shaq-Kobe Bryant Lakers run to 3 championships. Westbrook even skipped school to make it to the victory parade. Now they're looking to knock out Kobe's team for good.

Where Did OKC's Offense Go in Game 2? | Daily Thunder

This analysis is all good, but one thing Young doesn't mention is that James Harden was greatly hindered by foul trouble, and it is Harden who usually helps the offense find its flow.

Game 3 Watch Party at 809 Sports Grill | OKC Thunderfans

The Thunderfans are hosting a watch party tonight, so if you're in the neighborhood check it out.

HoopSpeak Live | HoopSpeak

This edition of HS is worth it alone for the interview with Chris Ballard interview, but there's plenty of other great stuff as well, including our friend Jared Wade stopping by.

The Dream Team Book | SB Nation

If you're a long-time follower of the NBA, then you know what the original Dream Team was all about, and you are familiar with the writing of Jack McCallum. It is worth the price alone just for Mr. NBA Executive of the Year's quote.

Spurs Beat Clips on Parker's Birthday | Pounding the Rock

I hope you all take an opportunity to watch the Spurs play in this post-season. They are playing offensive basketball at an IQ-level that I don't think I've seen since the mid-80's. Make no mistake, the Clips were competing hard last night, and they had no shot at all to even come close to winning this game.

That Seemed Familiar | Clips Nation

The best bet, I think, for the Clippers now is to take a page out of the Lakers' defensive playbook and try to slow the game down and eliminate scoring opportunities for the Spurs. It is their only shot, because no team can play at the pace the Spurs are playing now and hope to win.

Built to Be a Team | 8 Points, 9 Seconds

The Heat are without Chris Bosh, and last night Dwyane Wade was a no-show. Once again, it looks like 'team' is playing better than the superstars, and if the Heat don't solve things in a hurry, they could be looking at a 3-1 deficit.

Steve Blake, Wife, Targets on Twitter | NewsOK

Props to Kobe by attempting to shut this down. There's no reason for such abhorrent behavior.

The Rise Again of Kevin Garnett | Sports Illustrated

I remember watching Kevin Garnett at the end of last season and the first half of this season and thinking, 'this guy is done.' Well, KG is not done. Far from it.

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