OKC Loud Links: Two Losses

The Thunder dropped their second game in a row, and it was the second game where they were out-executed down the stretch. The losses will mean little in a month, because even if OKC falls to the 2nd seed they still would not meet the Spurs until the WCF. The team is at the point now where it is better to take a loss and learn a lesson than to coast and be unprepared. There is no doubt that in a few weeks, with the likes of potential foes like the Spurs, Mavericks, Grizzlies, and Rockets on the horizon, that the Thunder are going to need to be ready to execute when it matters most.

Post Game Nuggets | NewsOK

Durant had nine turnovers by himself. He admitted that a few times it was because he threw a "soft pass." In fact, OKC has a tendency to do that quite a bit, making it far too easy for unforced play to result in a turnover.

Thunder Come Up Short in Showdown | Daily Thunder

James points out a crucial element when it comes to crunch time play. When you absolutely HAVE to get a quality shot, every aspect of the play matters. And on Kevin Durant's 3-point attempt to try and tie the game, neither he nor Serge Ibaka set up a screen as well as they could have. Those little things are the difference between a contested 28 footer and a wide open normal 3-pointer.

Until We Meet Again | ESPN

Seven games of Thunder-Heat sure sounds enticing, but there are 14 other teams that might have a say in the matter. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

MVP Race Not Over Yet | CBS Sports

I'll put this thought out there - sometimes it is better for a player's playoff motivation to lose this award. See: Olajuwon, Hakeem.

What Has Been the Game of the Year? | Wages of Wins

I know what I'd choose. I'd definitely go with Durant/Westbrook/Ibaka's stat-stuffing fest against the Nuggets. No, it would be the double-OT game against the Timberwolves. No, it would be...

Oh What A Night | Sheridan Hoops

Last night was a remarkable display of meaningful basketball. Sheridan has the run-down.

Steve Nash Has Suns in Contention | Ball Don't Lie

The Suns are amazingly one game out of the 8th seed. Of course that means that they're one game away from facing either the Spurs or Thunder in the first round, but even so, great job Steve Nash.

The Captain Has Emerged | 8 Points, 9 Seconds

The Thunder are in Indiana Friday night, and the Pacers are finally seeing signs that Danny Granger is stepping up. The Pacers are battling for the 3 seed.

The Real Embarassment of Last Night | HoopSpeak

Blake Griffin blew up Pau Gasol. Twice. Who is smiling this morning? Oh how I would love to see these two teams face off in the playoffs.

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