OKC Loud Links: Lakers Tonight

Tonight we find out if the Thunder's newfound confidence is ready for the pressure that Kobe Bryant and the Lakers big men will bring to their home court. This game could very well be a playoff round preview.

Five on the Thunder | Daily Thunder

Truehoop's Beckley Mason pulls aside DT's Royce Young for five minutes of banter on the Thunder model (oh, how I do love the Thunder Model) and discuss how a team like the Bobcats could ever hope to replicate such a thing. My take - remove Kevin Durant from the equation and just consider what Presti did after he drafted Durant. He went into the draft and chose his kind of players in Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and Serge Ibaka. Without Durant, maybe OKC wouldn't be a contender, but I would argue that they'd still be a potential 45 win playoff team.

Fisher Building Comfort Level | NewsOK

Derek Fisher's approach is probably the right one. The OKC culture is already championship-caliber. What they need now is subtle guidance and encouragement from a man who has the experience.

Five NBA Players for Spring Break | SB Nation

Kendrick Perkins, huh? I dunno...it seems like from a personality standpoint Perkins is already the same age as Clint Eastwood.

Serge Ibaka Hosting Fashion Show | NewsOK

Of course he is. The man is a good-looking dude.

Time for NBA to Add Goaltend Reviews | Sports Illustrated

And not a moment too soon, right Portland?

NBA Trade Deadline: The First 48 Hours | Grantland

This is a great piece that gets into the mindset of players who have just been traded. I think it is something that us non-pro-sports people have a hard time comprehending. Perhaps the closest experience might be those who are in the military.

Don Nelson Makes the Hall of Fame | Ball Don't Lie

Nelly-ball returns.

Tyson Chandler Fuels the Knicks | Behind the Basket

Lost in the hullabaloo amidst Linsanity, Melo-drama, and Amare's back is the fact that Tyson Chandler is still arguably the best post-defender in the NBA and makes everyone around him better.

I'm a Monster! | Hardwood Hype

Apart from the great reference to Buster Bluth, this post encapsulates the Lakers well. And then I realize, this year's Laker squad is just another rendition of every Lakers squad.

Two Minutes and Forty-Five Seconds | Hardwood Paroxysm

This performance of surgical precision is a big reason why I fear the Spurs over any other WC team. This is exactly the way they closed out the Thunder.

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