OKC Loud Links: Thunder Rediscover How Good They Can Be

One of the most striking things about last night's big win over the Clippers was how OKC managed to make virtually every aspect of their team flourish. The starters played well offensively, the bench carried the team when called upon, the defense at the point and in the paint was solid, and most importantly, the Thunder took away the one thing that makes the Clips run - Chris Paul. In short, they looked like a team that had a plan, and they executed it.

Post-Game Nuggets | NewsOK

Mayberry had been justifiably critical of Russell Westbrook's defense as of late, so I'm sure it pleased him a great deal to be able to sing praises for Westbrook's defense against Chris Paul last night. I agree with Mayberry - Westbrook could morph into one of the best defensive guards in the entire league if he continues to have the proper mindset and discipline.

Fisher Debuts, KD Dazzles | Daily Thunder

Young notes that Kevin Durant really took it to Nick Young last night. I enjoyed that as well, as it showed that Durant was more cognizant of his physical advantages over his opponents.

Derek Fisher Issues Statement to His Former Teammates | Sports Illustrated

Remember, the Thunder play the Lakers in one week.

Fisher Once Played Against Coach Brooks | NewsOK

Tramel digs into the recesses of his memory to recall a time when 2nd year pro Derek Fisher actually played a game against his current head coach.

The Physics of an Amazing Pass | Ball Don't Lie

Danilo Gallinari threw a seemingly physics-defying pass against the Celtics, firing a behind the back pass from an impossible angle to hit his teammate perfectly underneath the rim. Here is one physics professor's take on what really happened.

Westbrook is Not Blake Griffin | Ball Don't Lie

Yeah, as Royce Young noted, it was "the most Russell Westbrook thing ever," but I still kind of liked it. Westbrook was looking for some public payback for his teammate Kendrick Perkins. I mean, even for Westbrook this attack on the rim was kind of absurd, given how far out he jumped and who was standing in front of him, but that tells me that he was fully aware of what he was about to attempt, and he did it anyway. But that makes him the honey badger.

Jeff Foster Retires | 8 Points, 9 Seconds

Wow, first Brad Miller, now Jeff Foster.

The Weekly McGee | SB Nation

Props to JaVale McGee, who made a game-winning play last night against the Pistons. He certainly deserves a good moment from time to time. And as an added bonus, he made the Pistons bench & fans have a collective freak-out. Who else but McGee...

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