OKC Morning Loud Links: Rockets Revenge Tonight

The Thunder are back in action tonight as the Houston Rockets come to town. If you recall, last time the Thunder paid a visit to the team in red, they lost a one point game when the Rockets played a more patient and physical game than OKC. The Thunder will be in for another physical game tonight, as the Rockets have a good blueprint as well as the talent to execute it.

Thunder Player Power Rankings | Daily Thunder

James Harden slides into the #1 spot after a remarkable week in which he topped his personal scoring best twice.

Thabo Sefolosha Practices | NewsOK

Thabo Sefolosha finally returned to practice after missing extensive time with a sore foot. I hope the team takes the long-term view here and just focuses on having him ready for the playoffs.

Trade Deadline Chatter | NBA.com

Aldridge always has lots of good stuff in here so read it in its entirety, but play close attention to what is going on in Dallas. Things are becoming a bit strained.

Studies in Rondology | The Classical

Rajon Rondo is as mercurial as ever, but he is starting to veer toward a direction that could completely unravel his offensive brilliance. Or at least jeopardize his ability to eat sushi and Gatorade.

2012 Playoff TV Schedule | Sports Media Watch

Set your DVR's now so that your games don't get preempted by Bachelorette reruns.

Chris Paul's Kid is Adorable | SB Nation

Chris Paul is now rocking the protective face mask, and his son wants to be like his papa.

Chris Kaman: Still Available for Trade | The Score

Chris Kaman may not be a great endorser for PETA.

The Importance of Being Ricky | The Classical

A repost, but also a reminder on what Ricky Rubio brought to the Twin Cities. Like Good Will Hunting, he makes this stuff seem like it is the easiest thing in the world.

Durant Finally Sells Seattle Home | TMZ

And it could be yours for the low low price of just under $2.8 million. If you ask nicely, I bet he'd even toss in a gaming console.

Redskins Cap Punishment Really Not About the Salary Cap | SB Nation

This may seem a bit off-topic, but Prada does a great job drawing parallels between the recent announcement that the Redskins and Cowboys will be penalized for doing something they had the right to do, simply because other teams complained about it, and the net result was that the governing institution acquired more power than it has a right to claim, never to be relinquished.

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