Rockets fan here, I would slow your roll

I have been reading reactions about the trade since it happened. OKC fans feel like they made off like bandits.

You all seem to believe that Kmart can easily replace Harden, Lamb is a future star(that's why he went 14th overall not 5th right), and two future fist round picks secure the future. The truth is you did not receive as much as you gave.

Those two picks are useless, we (the Rockets) have an entire roster of mid to late round draft picks, and guess what we couldnt make the playoffs with them. The Thunder will be lucky to get a good role player out of those draft picks.

Kmart was bad last year, due to injury and the fact that he is not use to being the second option anymore, guess what he is in OKC, the third option with a trigger happy point. Kmart will be happy to be winning but he will not play well in OKC. Also OKC, you keep giving your gm credit for replacing Harden with 3 sg's(I am assuming you are all talking about steph, Kmart, and Lamb.) However you are wasting roster space to replace one guy.

i have seen multiple guys call Lamb a future star with outstanding defense. Well no. He is the best pure shooter of this draft class, but he was also drafted 14th for a reason. I wish him the best I hope he does eventually become a star, but he is a while from that. And no one mentions that Lamb is 20, Harden 23. Do you think Lamb will be as good as Harden three years from now?? No.

Lastly the draft picks, the Rockets should shed no tears over them.(as we have more anyway) As I stated earlier we have a team full of mid to late first rounders, no stars. Morey is good at seeing talent, so we have a lot of good players, no bad players. But no superstars(preHarden). So guess what OKC, you also will not be getting any real value with these picks.

In conclusion OKC fans are irrationally claiming they have won this trade. They lost the best player and only received question marks. It is clear that the Rockets won the trade. Kmart can score no defense, old and expensive. Lamb will NEVER be Harden, and those draft picks will be lucky to yield role players. SO congrats OKC fans enjoy life without Harden, because Rockets fans will be loving life with him.

I like OKC, so I dont want to sound harsh just let you realize what happened. I was looking forward to seeing OKC in the finals agian, the road just got a lot harder. You can still get there it is irrational to say you cant with Westbrook and Durant. But I personally wanted OKC to use Harden this year. No you would not have been able to keep him, but it would have been better to have the firepower this year then Lamb and those 2 picks in future years.

This post does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of Welcome to Loud City or SB Nation. However, it was made by one of the members of the Welcome to Loud City community, so there is a large chance the above post is extremely ballin'!

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