2012 London Olympics

Serge Ibaka vs Great Britain [Video Highlights]

Serge Ibaka was also in action representing the Spanish national team. On July 9th the team from Spain defeated the team from Great Britain, 95-70.

Team USA vs. Brazil Preview: Can Nene and Brazil Stage an Upset?

Brazil is one of the world's strongest teams, and the last time they met with Team USA, they came within two points of victory.

Team USA vs Dominican Republic [Video Highlights]

The USA Men's Olympic basketball team got off on the right foot last night, stomping the Dominican Republic to the tune of 113-59. There was never any serious doubt to the game's outcome, but it was still pretty impressive to watch the team showcase

Team USA Obliterates the Dominican Republic, and Kevin Durant Can Shoot a Lot of Threes

Well, the Dominican Republic was up at one point, commanding a massive 2 point lead. But after the usual fluke of 4-2, Team USA totally dominated the flawed Dominican Republic team.

Blake Griffin Injured, Will Miss Olympics

That's right. Team USA has lost some serious size, and if Tyson Chandler and Kevin Love aren't enough, they will have to rely on rookie Anthony Davis.

Team USA vs. Dominican Republic Preview: Blake Griffin is Out, But the Thunder's Trio is Ready To Go

Yes, today is the first day that we'll finally get to see Team USA in action. Unfortunately, their thin front line just got even thinner, with Blake Griffin falling to injury.

Here's a Picture of Team USA Wearing Matching Shirts at a Diner

Yep, even Team USA can enjoy a greasy diner meal. What's humorous about this picture is that these guys have the guile to wear matching Team USA shirts to a very public restaurant. They're running the risk of someone coming up to them and asking for autographs, of course, but they're also risking their very well-earned fashion reputations.

Olympic Basketball Qualifying Tournament: Ike Diogu and Nigeria Close Out the Dominican Republic, Are London Bound

Nigeria has advanced to the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Some might look at this team and see them as a bunch of loosely related American-born players who don't really represent the nation of Nigeria, hired to come and win it because they don't have anything better to do. But this team is so much more than that.

2012 Olympic Basketball Qualifying: Nigeria and the Dominican Republic Play For the Last Spot

This is it, win or go home. Both teams have had their ups and their downs, but both deserve to be in the position that they're in by defeating some of the best teams FIBA Europe has to offer.

2012 Olympic Basketball Qualifying: Russia and Lithuania Comfortably Qualify

Yesterday's action pitted two traditional European powers against two upstart teams from nations that have no Olympic basketball history. Though many were rooting for the underdogs, the teamwork and familiarity among the stable European teams managed to overcome the upstart newcomers.

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