OKC Loud Links: 2011 NBA Draft Tonight

Enjoy tonight as best you can. It may be the best action we get in quite a while. Let's see if Sam Presti and the Thunder front office have any more tricks up their collective sleeves.

Is Singler the Perfect Fit? | NewsOK

Mayberry wonders whether Kyle Singler makes the most sense for the Thunder, since that's who most mock drafts have OK taking at the #24 pick. He writes that while Singler's upside is limited, he is also an NBA-ready small forward who is equipped to be a contributor for a long time.

Painting the NBA Trade Picture | Grantland

Bill Simmons revs up the ESPN Trade Machine to consider a variety of trades that span across the NBA landscape. They range from the implausible to the possible, but all of them would technically "work" under today's rules.

TrueHoop Mock Draft: Tyler Honeycutt | Daily Thunder

In the THN mock draft, Young selected Tyler Honeycutt of UCLA. He gives Honeycutt the slight edge over our pick of Nikola Marotic, but both are in the conversation.

Observations From Famous Draft Picks | Behind the Basket

Take a stroll down memory lane to watch some of the most famous draftees offer their reactions after getting selected on draft night. One thing is for certain - after seeing Shaquille O'Neal retire after this season, it is clear that we should not have been surprised what we were in for after he got selected.

Owners Want to Keep $160 Million, Union Says | ESPN

When it comes to the negotiating table, this approach is not the best way to persuade your adversary to move his chair to your side.

Don't Sue Cuban Right Before He Wins Championship | Ball Don't Lie

This is an amusing story about how Mark Cuban, majority owner of the Mavericks, is being sued by minority owner Ross Perot, Jr. Apparently Perot decided to file suit against Cuban for mismanaging his team. Cuban responded as only Mark Cuban would.

More links after the jump.

Dirk's Deutschland | Grantland

Dirk Nowitzki is one of the more interesting NBA players to come across our collective psyche, and he has done it in a way that has never betrayed his value system. This is a great piece on his beginnings and how his countrymen see him.

Experience Required | ESPN

Wilbon writes reflectively on how the Mavericks put together their championship roster. He notes that the Chicago Bulls might do well to take a similar approach - to fuse their current youth with experienced vets who are chasing a ring.

Re-Cap of Draft Coverage | Behind the Basket

These guys have been doing excellent work in getting us ready for tonight, so check in to this post to get a quick rehash.

Place Your Bets | Negative Dunkalectics

The boys take a look at the odds being placed on future draftees tonight.

Dream realized for Jason Terry | ESPN

the Mavs' Jason Terry evokes strong emotions with his attitude and play. Even so, I can't help but like the guy. He reminds me of Brad Pitt's character in "Legends of the Fall." Brash to a fault, but you can't help but be drawn to him.

HoopSpeak's 2011 Mock Draft | HoopSpeak

Here is the latest offering of a mock draft to get ready for tonight. They also have the Thunder taking Kyle Singler at #24.

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