OKC Loud Links: Forward and Backward

We are fortunate to maintain the fiction that everything is all right with the NBA for at least two more weeks. So let's consider some more what happened during the regular season and what might happen at the NBA draft.

I'll Have What the Mavs Fans Are Having | Daily Thunder

Young asks an interesting question - would you rather have the business-like satisfaction of winning multiple rings like the Spurs or Lakers? Or would you rather feel just once the absolute jubilation of finally reaching the pinnacle? 

Superstars Still Run the League | SB Nation

Ziller debunks the notion that the Finals was a battle between a home-grown TEAM and a top-heavy team of mercenaries. In fact, the Mavericks have had one of the highest payrolls for a decade, and it was more about the mix of the right players than the right salaries.

Mavs Repeat Hopes Rest on Resigning Chandler | Sports Illustrated

Without a doubt, Tyson Chandler was the second most important player on the court throughout the Finals. Now that he's to become a free agent, Dallas needs to figure out whether they can afford to keep him.

Nazr Mohammed Working to Stay With Thunder

I'm sure the team wants to continue to develop Cole Aldrich and Byron Mullens, but when a veteran with championship experience is working this hard to remain with a team where he knows he's not going to get more than 10 minutes per night, I think you strongly have to consider keeping him.

More links after the jump.

Five Challengers for the Title | NBA.com

A look toward next year, where the Finals will likely be contended by the same teams as this season. I think that's actually a good thing.

Mock Draft 3.0 | Sports Illustrated

As we look toward the draft and the Thunder's 24th pick, this draft and many others see Kyle Singler landing in the laps of OKC.

Serge Ibaka Not Normal 24th Pick | NewsOK

Remember, the Thunder have had pretty good success in the last 3rd of the draft. It is all about recognizing game-effecting potential. If they draft Singler, they at least know that he's good for at least two or three home made videosper season.

Last Word on LeBron | SB Nation

I think the LeBron James phenomenon has finally jumped the shark. This is a good roundup as to why.

Mavs Against Cuban's Anti-Ring Push | Sports Illustrated

If you aren't aware, Mark Cuban has floated the idea that championship rings are out of date and he wants to up the ante. His players, especially the older ones, are not exactly thrilled with the idea.

Mikhail Prokhorov Zings Mark Cuban | SB Nation

It must be fun to throw barbs back and forth when you're a billionaire and own an NBA franchise. Heck, that's fun any time.

Owners, Players Still Hundreds of Millions Apart | CBS Sports

Posturing. All posturing.

Stephen Colbert Covers LeBron | SB Nation

You'll never guess how this one turns out.

Eric Maynor Has Been Busy This Summer | Daily Thunder

Eric Maynor looks like he has not actually been that busy this summer. His new tats continue to confirm my suspicion that NBA players have way too much free time on their hands. Nice old school t-shirt though. And I must say, that's the first time I've ever seen a depiction of Golgotha on somebody's arm.

Thunder Adding Some Tattoo Ink | NewsOK

I guess in the off-season this becomes the 2011 version of the human interest story. I am surprised that James Harden has yet to get his first though.

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