Denver is to sports analysis what Flavor Flav is to opera composition.


The average fan is what he is: either mostly or partially shortsighted, contradictory and subjective. But the administrators of fan sites for sports teams are suppose to be the foresighted, savvy and objective "blogfathers." Yet with we see ignorance, stupidity and subjectivity taken to stratospheric levels even by its hierarchy.


For example, according to Jeff Morton and Andrew Feinstein and Nate "Bologna tits" Timmons on the main reason the Nuggets have lost to the Thunder is George Karl.  The nuggets have literally lost 6 straight games to the Thunder, half by 10 points or more, and they are HAMMERING George Karl. Has the possibility that the Thunder are simply a MUCH better team ever crossed their skull? Fuck No!  This was their headline on March 4, 2011.

294 replies. 99 percent praiseworthy.


Literally 38 days later:

Four days later:


It gets much worse a month later and this one happens to be my favorite because it glistens and beams with premature arrogance.....


Notice the date. The playoffs haven't even STARTED, heck the regular season hasn't even ended and yet Mr. Andrew Fucking Feinstein is making FINAL and LASTING  judgments on a trade that happened BARELY a month prior. Oh the crowds roared and screamed and masturbated and the reply button overheated in a rapturous orgasmic  chorus of consent.

In a nutshell these are some of  the bullet points of that March 29 article:

1)ex-Knicks on Nuggets played bad before the Feb 22nd trade because of "trade rumors." Now we got em and they are playing great for us..Yippee go Nuggets we robbed the Knicks!!!! Jay Leno would say, here is a videoclip:

"The thought of being dealt from Madison Square Garden to the Pepsi Center couldn't have set well with these guys back in January and such thoughts likely led to Felton's drop off in production, Gallo's hesitant play and Chandler's erratic shooting before the deal went through."

Aside from the fact that the even during the REGULAR SEASON( the 3 ex-Knicks starters on the Nuggets statistically were either equal to their Knicks production or were slightly below it, the 3 ex-Knicks have been not bad, but HORRIBLE in the Thunder series. How horrible? Carmelo Anthony  averaged 26 ppg against the Celtics. Felton, Gallinari AND Chandler COMBINED are averaging 27....Quintuple fucking wow. Carmelo is also averaging more rpg, 10.3 to the trios 8. That automatically tells you, as Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports has thankfully noted, that having Melo would have automatically made them a much better team against the Thunder since it has taken the Nuggets 3 starters to equal the production of Melo during the most important part of the year.


2) Carmelo Anthony is a high-maintenance superstar. Good riddance.

My reply to this is...see above.


3) D'Antoni Sucks oh and did we mention George Karl is making such a huge positive difference.


Once again another pro-George Karl bulletpoint. How can a coach that "knows how to use rotations," "create ball-movement," "play defense,"  transform into Mike Brown in 3 weeks. If were an 80's Movie character they'd be Lamar Latrelle from Revenge of the Nerds: so flaky you just want to punch him in his fucking face. As far as what I and millions of others saw on TNT was a great team, the Thunder, beat the Nuggets in a way that accurately reflects the present AND future superiority of the Thunder in every relevant aspect.

 Try telling it to the denizens of this planet ----->

This post does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of Welcome to Loud City or SB Nation. However, it was made by one of the members of the Welcome to Loud City community, so there is a large chance the above post is extremely ballin'!

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