2011-2012 Minute distribution and production levels

Here is how I see the minutes being divided up this year. Scott Brooks is a conservative coach that does not like to mess up his rotation. This can be a weakness against tougher opponents/playoffs because he would rather stick to what has been working then try something new. That's how he got out-coached by Rick Carlisle last year in the Western Conference finals as he manipulated our lineups to nuetralize Thabo's defense and make him a liability on offense. That being said, I still think Thabo will continue to start but Harden will see way more minutes and will be on the floor in crunch time.


34 minutes

Westbrook became a much better finisher last year. He ranked 6th in the league with points inside 3 feet. Although his pull-up jumper was better there was still much more room for improvement. I no longer cringe when he takes 3 pointers and wow does that boy know how to get to the free throw line.

This year I see improvements across the board for Westbrook including fg%, rebounds, assists/to ratio, and steals. This is the year westbrook puts up better stats then D-Rose and starts on the all-star team.


38 minutes

The biggest area Durant will improve on here is his post-up skills and 3 point percentage. I see somewhere around 30 points with more rebounds and more assists. People make such a big deal about him not being able to use the rip move, 1st of all, he did not use it all that much last year and although it is not automatically a shooting foul it can still be effective. Anybody notice his one-foot fall-away he's been working on. This guy will be unstoppable. MVP.

Thabo Sefelosha:

18 minutes

You gotta love Thabo and what he brings to this team. I've heard a lot about him working on his offensive game but I do not buy it too much. Thabo will never be a lights out shooter but will be most effective when he is slashing to the basket. He can finish pretty good for a guy with relatively little hops.


29 minutes

This guy is a stud. Expect increase across the board. Expect no less then 10/9/3 blocks per game. He will be in the running for defensive player of the year.


26 minutes

I have a love hate relationship with Perkins. He has looked great in the pre-season, lighter on his feet, better endurance, and even threw down a reverse slam which is good to see considering he was one of the leaders of the league in dunks while in Boston. People are quick to talk crap about him forgetting that the Thunder had a stellar record down the stretch last year with Perkins. Last year I will admit he did drive me crazy at times. I hated the careless fouls, and cringed every time he put the ball on the floor, took a jumpshot, shot a free-throw, or tried to pass. I see a ton of improvement for Perkins this year: I am thinking 8/8/1.5 blocks


30 minutes

What is not to love about this guy. He's a great playmaker/shooter and an absolute pest on defense. He has the strength and skill to guard people bigger then him and is extremely aggressive on offense and can get to the free throw line. Harden is the master of kicking his legs out and letting people run into him so with the new rule in place he will have to get even more crafty. I am thinking 18/4/4 with huge increases in 3pt%. Harden will win 6th man of the year.


14 minutes

What you see is what you get with Maynor. I see his stats staying pretty flat although I would be shocked if his fg% did not spike up at least a little bit.


20 minutes

Collison is a beast. Every time he comes in the game he makes an instant impact. Whether its a charge taken or a huge putback he knows his role and plays it very well. His defense in the playoffs last year was incredible. I see his stats staying flat.


10 minutes

I like Cook, great shooter, spreads the floor, and is a better re-bounder than people give him credit for.

Nazr Mohammed

11 minutes


8 minutes


4 minutes

GO THUNDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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