OKC Loud Links: The Owners' Turn

For the first time since the lockout began, the players have counter-punched. Now the onus is on the owners to step up and decide how they are going to answer the players' lawsuit. Is it David Stern beard-time yet?

Settlement Talks May Be the Next Step | NBA.com

"The fight we may have," Feldman said, "which is the exact fight we had in the NFL, is that the NBA owners may refuse to talk to the players unless they admit that they're still in a union and they're still engaged in collective bargaining talks. Because the owners don't want to validate or give any credence to the disclaimer tactic." - Gabe Feldman

Owners to Discuss Lockout Plans | Yahoo! Sports

The NBA owners will be attending a conference call today to plot their next move. I wonder if Paul Allen's superyacht will be a water cooler topic. Also, I am definitely adding SuperYachtTimes.com to my RSS feed. 

One Agent Glad the Union Decertified | Chicago Business

Agent Mark Bartelstein says that the owners overplayed their hand.

Greed: Player Agents Put NBA in Peril | OC Register

While I have no doubt that the big name lawyers worked hard to insert themselves into the negotiation, at the end of the day, it is because the players themselves abdicated their personal role.

These Are the Moments: Houston Rockets | Hardwood Hype

The series continues and yes, these are some of the most iconic moments in Rockets history. The only one I would have also included - Mario Elie blowing a kiss.

Bosh: Lockout is NBA's Revenge for Big 3, 'Melo | CBS Sports

Chris Bosh argues that the lockout was implemented by the owners in retaliation for Miami's 'Big 3' and Carmelo Anthony's push to be traded to the Knicks. The argument has some merit.

Lockout Gives Players a Chance to Act Out Their Fantasies | Wall Street Journal

The story is great, but Baron Davis gets the WSJ sketch treatment, and that...is...fantastic.

Rogue of the Week: Players & Owners | Behind the Basket

No surprises here.

LeBron: Striving for Greatness Part III - Dunking on Little Kids Edition | Deadspin

After this exercise, LeBron James did some cardio-boxing and then finished with some Pilates.

More links after the jump.

Absence of Reason | Basketball Prospectus

Another one bites the dust. But Doolittle does reconsider and recount that waste seems to be rampant in the NBA's finances. 

A Fool's Response | Hardwood Paroxysm

Getting fed up with the lockout? Try some haiku.

Giving Bill Russell's Offense Its Proper Due | Behind the Basket

Bill Russell was known as the greatest defensive center in history, but Blott reminds us that this was only part of his complete game.

JaVale McGee and Nick Young Stage Cinnamon-Eating Competition | Ball Don't Lie

Everything about that concept makes perfect sense.

I Believe in the Portland Trail Blazers | Blazers Edge

Cue the Whitney Houston music. 

Lockout Lifestylez: Typing | Posting & Toasting

SBN's own Knicks blog looks to the lifestyle of the high rolling blogger. Very clever. 

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