Trade for Al Jefferson?

First off, I'm a Timberwolves fan. Almost everyone in MN are quite envious of your team. Congrats. You're like where we hope to be 3-4 years if we'd happen to get lucky with a draft pick like Wall or Turner to be our Durant (or half that guy...he's great).

Right now the Wolves 2 best players, Love and Jefferson, aren't looking like they can coexist long term. Wolves fans are quite high and Love so there's many who think Big Al will be traded. Al's playing hurt right now coming back from the ACL tear last year so his numbers are down, but I think whoever gets him in trade is going to get a great deal. Put him alongside better talent and I think he'd look better than this year's Zach Randolph -younger 20/10 guy, better attitude, better shot blocker and contract than Zach had/has. Personally, I would hate to trade Jefferson, but I like Love better (dude is good in a jack of all trades way, with elite rebounding skills) and one of them likely has to go.

Personally I think Al is more a center than a PF in today's NBA. I believe he'd fit quite well in OKC given the length/athletcism of Durant/Green. Is Jefferson a name that interests you? He's still so young that he'd fit well with your core group of talent. And...the guy can score on the block and rebound. By next year he should be at full strength more than a year out from the ACL.

I'd love some honest feedback on an offseason trade based in principle on these players: Al Jefferson and Wayne Ellington for James Harden, Serge Ibaka and a late first rounder.

Is Harden an untouchable for the Thunder? Perusing your site a little looks like many are high on Ibaka. I know most teams fans overvalue their players...I know I do (ask me who it would take for me to give up Rubio's rights). Is this kooky talk from a delusional Wolves fan, or the kind of deal where it makes you uncomfortable enough to actually be fair for both teams? It makes me uncomfortable to propose a deal where the Wolves give up a talented 25 year old 20/10/1.5 (healthy numbers) guy for 2 prospects who have proven little at the NBA level despite their upside. Is this the kind of deal where you deal a couple of your top farm system guys to land that big cleanup hitter your team needs?

A little more info: Ellington has come on lately and I threw him in to replace some of the shooting that Harden provides. Ellington looks like he's got rotation player talent.

Al's contract would eat up most of your cap space this summer. I don't know what your thoughts are on the Thunder's FA prospects, but I don't think Bosh will be coming to OK given the other cities he'll have to choose from. Al's reasonably priced given the contracts handed out to NBA big men IMO.

What say you?

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