2009 NBA Draft for OKC Thunder



OK, admittedly I dont get as in depth as some of you guys. This is simply my opinion. There are 3 things clear to me this offseason for the Thunder:

1) They need a TRUE and CAPABLE center.

2)They need a NATURAL and CAPABLE outside shooter.

3)Blake Griffin will not be in a Thunder uniform anytime soon.

So third things first. I would love to have Griffin as much as the next guy but its likely just not going to happen. He would only solidify a small ball lineup even if we got him. And as a Suns fan as well, I know that will only take you so far in the NBA. From the PR stand point he is the golden boy that we should stop at nothing to get. We all know that. We all wish the ping pong balls would have dropped right and that could become reality but it didnt. This point is the topic of every other post so I'll move forward.

Back to the top.

I cant figure out what everyones knock on Hasheem Thabeet is though. I know he is a ghost on the offensive end, but with KD, Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook we arent hurting for a scorer. So why is drafting Thabeet for the C, moving Krstic back to PF where he made his name in New Jersey, pushing Green back to his more natural SF spot, letting KD do the same thing he already does at the 2 spot, and rounding it out with Westbrook at PG such a bad idea? Thabeet can be the rebounder and shot blocker he is supposed to be with any offense coming as a bonus. Krstic can then help stretch defenses with his mid range shot and the rest continue as usual.

I dont get why everyone thinks Harden is the missing piece. I hear Harden has the potential to be the next Kobe. The only problem is I hear that potential is both on and off the court. We have a great chemistry that doesnt need to be messed up by the likes of a Kobe type. Nothing against the kid, just not what we need.

I also hear that a lineup with Green at the 3 and KD at the 2 is bad for both. Year One I guess its referred to. But that very discriptor is why I ignore that logic. They were rookies, boys playing a mens game, then. This lineup lets everyone play thier natural position. A lineup that can both D-up in the half court and be exciting to watch on the break.

Also this leaves us with a solid veteran unit coming off the bench. If you want to buy the Year One logic then you can insert Thabo into the starting lineup and let Green be the offensive spark with the second unit. Which brings me to....

A 3-point shooter. With the #25 or #15 (whichever it ends up being) whats wrong with taking one of 4 guys that would fill that catch and shoot or "at least CAN shoot 3s at a decent percentage" role and that will certainly be available. My list for that selection is

1) Chase Budinger-They would probably have to get that #15 pick for him.

2)Sam Young- Can get to the rim and is an excellent catch and shoot player.

3)Wayne Ellington-Little small for my taste but the kid knows how to win and shot close to 40% from outside.

4)Nick Calathes-Bit of a dark horse but he could fill in at both guard spots with his outside shot, size and playmaking ability.

To me these picks are all guys that could contribute from day one and fit specific needs. The Thunder dont need the all in one player that Harden may be. We already have two young All-Stars with great chemistry. Harden would just just be too many cooks in the kitchen. My personal favorite would be Young because of his size and stregth combined with the catch and shoot ability the Thunder are sorely lacking.

So in the end I think this draft is a pretty quiet and simple one for the Thunder.  Draft Thabeet and any one of these guys and they are continuing to build on an already promising future. And in case seeing it on paper helps, thier lineup would be something like:








2nd Unit:




SG-Sam Young(preferably)


With Weaver, Livingston, and White as more than servicable players as well. Thats not perfect but its not bad. And its better than what we have now.


So thats my take on things. I dont think the Thunder need home runs in this draft. Just guys that can do what they do naturally, well. Agree with me or not I would like to hear what you all think. There are a lot of things I didnt get to talk about that hopefully I will get to post about later. Thanks to anyone who reads this.

And do the poll! Its just one click. You can handle that right!?! Also feel free to explain why you picked who you picked in your comments. Or if you have someone else in mind, tell me why. This time of year all we can do is discuss. So get to it!

This post does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of Welcome to Loud City or SB Nation. However, it was made by one of the members of the Welcome to Loud City community, so there is a large chance the above post is extremely ballin'!

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