WTLC NBA Draft Live Commenting Overflow Thread

The Thunder Girls seem lucky so far, with Oklahoma City making a great draft pick in James Harden. Let's hope the luck continues. Image via blog.newsok.com.

Alright, the Thunder have selected James Harden with the 3rd overall pick. We are about an hour and change into the draft and through pick 12.  So, it should be about another hour until the Thunder pick again. Until then, let's move the commenting over to here.

Comments from Harden on ESPN (via the Oklahoman):

"I don’t think I need to prove anything," Harden told ESPN after being drafted. "I just need to go in there and work hard and try my best to earn a spot on that team. They’re young and they’re great and they have great chemistry there. So I want to go in there and try to help them out. "I have different paces to my game. I’m not the fastest guy. I’m not the most explosive guy. But I get from Point A to Point B."

Live blog draft news and notes after the jump!

I'm going to try to keep up a live blog now that I've settled in. I can't promise it will be the most timely thing, but I'll try to keep it updated so you get the freshest information.

9:25 PM: First round has wrapped up. On to the second round. It doesn't seem like the Thunder will have any more picks, but you never know.

9:17 PM: Well 4D has got the real scoop and it's that the Thunder are sending Beaubois AND a future second round pick to Dallas. Not sure I agree with that.

9:07 PM: Rotoworld is confirming that the Thunder have traded Rodrigue Beaubois to the Mavericks for B.J. Mullens. Apparently the trade is straight up, as I haven't heard anything else.

9:04 PM: The Oklahoman has a Q&A with James Harden posted. Click here.

9:00 PM: Blair continues his plummet. Almost out of the first round and he's still on the board.

8:56 PM: Check that, a trade for B.J. Mullens with Dallas appears in the work. No word on how official it is, but that's what Ric Bucher is reporting. I'm sure many of you will be ecstatic about this move. The fact remains, the Thunder need a big man too.

8:54 PM: The Thunder take Rodrigue Beaubois. He's a point guard who can shoot it. I don't know if he'll be in Oklahoma City this year, or if he'll stay overseas. I

8:49 PM: The gust of wind you all just felt was fans exhaling when Dallas took B.J. Mullens, who hasn't exactly been popular around here.

8:47 PM: Less than eight minutes until the Thunder pick! Blair and Mullens both still on the board with only Dallas ahead of them now.

8:44 PM: From the Ball Don't Lie liveblog, apparently the Wolves are being stubborn about Rubio, and the Knicks are having problems coming to terms.

8:41 PM: Blair and Mullens (two big men) continue to drop. The Thunder are reportedly high on Mullens, but I would expect them to take a big man here.

8:38 PM: Apparently the story behind Jennings showing up late was that his agent feared he would slip so he kept him away from the Garden for awhile.

8:33 PM: Hat tip to ElectricPencils in the comments. Apparently the Knicks are close to a deal with the Wolves to acquire Ricky Rubio. The deal is not certain, but likely.

8:27 PM: 4 more picks in front of the Thunder and Blair and Mullens are still on the board. If either one is still there at #25, I would expect a team might offer a trade to the Thunder.

8:21 PM: Ric Bucher reporting that the Wolves have some semblance of sanity and picked for the Nuggets. They'll be shipping Lawson to Denver for a future pick.

8:19 PM: Sebastian Telfair has to feel pretty bad. The Timberwolves have selected their third point guard in as many picks with the #18 selection. That has to be a record.

8:17 PM: Interesting fact - James Harden is the first Arizona State player drafted in the top 5 since 1983 when current New Orleans head coach Byron Scott was drafted.

8:13 PM: With Jrue Holliday going to the 76ers at #17, many are wondering what could have been if the Thunder had been able to trade down to 5 and also picked up the 18th pick. There are some big names on the board including: Eric Maynor, Jeff Teague, DeJuan Blair, and Ty Lawson.

8:07 PM: Jay Blias thinks that James Harden might be in the running for Rookie of the Year next year.

8:06 PM: Dickie V is on ESPN right now spouting off on how the Thunder will regret not taking Stephen Curry.

8:03 PM: Rubio and his "camp" seem to not think he'll wind up in Minnesota. Everyone is still expecting either Rubio or Flynn to be traded. Minnesota's pick at #18 is coming up soon. Will we see a deal there? Perhaps at 28?

7:58 PM: Chad Ford seems to think this is a great pick (Harden to OKC) in his commentary on ESPN. Chad says, "He's a great fit in the backcourt with Russell Westbrook and one of the most NBA-ready players in the draft."

7:54 PM: Reaction from Kevin Durant in a tweet:

Congrats to my new teammate James Harden

7:52 PM: Reaction from Nick Collison in two separate tweets:

not sure about the suit ensemble but i like the pick...welcome to the squad James

i saw Harden a couple times on tv and really liked his game..has a good feel and gives us another long talented wing player.good passer too

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