A Big Man I Would Trade For

Personally I have no clue why the T-Wolves would be willing to move Al Jefferson and even less of one as to why they would give him and the number 6 pick up to get Amare, but if he is on the block that is certainly someone I would consider dealing picks and pieces of our big 3 for.  Most people on here at different times have talked about giving up Green and the 3, 25, and one of next years firsts to get a shot at Blake in some point.  While I will not argue the athletic side of it because Blake is obviously more gifted athletically i will take a prove NBA stud like Jefferson any day.

Jefferson if he had played enough games to statistically qualify would have been one of only 3 men in the NBA last year that to average 20 points and 10 rebounds a game.  Along with that while not a great defender he does provide a defensive presence and his 1.7 blocks a game certainly dont hurt.  Now we can argue about win loss cause the T-Wolves last year were not good, but if anyone remembers when the calendar turned they were the hottest team in the league until he hurt his ACL.

With the talk of all these overpaid centers around the league and there are a lot of them Jefferson while having a large contract is the one that certainly earns it.  He is still only 24 years old and the fact that he is locked up for another 4 years would give some stability to the franchise and some assurances to Durant that this organization is going to do all it can to help him bring a championship here.

If this team had the ability to trade for Jefferson using players like Green and the 3 pick i would do that type of deal in a second and i am as big a Jeff Green supporter as there is and think James Harden will be a very good NBA player.  Also this idea that i read this morning that Memphis:

If the Grizzlies do not make a deal with Rubio, either to draft him #2 and trade him or keep him themselves. The Grizz are expected to draft Harden #2 overall and pair him with Mike Conley and OJ Mayo and could possibly trade Rudy Gay at some point this summer.

That doesnt really make sense to me but those are the things that the Grizz do and i dont want to be stuck taking Thabeet just because of his size cause i dont believe he is a top 3 player and i dont know that the desire of teams trading up for Rubio seems to be anywhere as strong as it seemed a month ago.  Besides trading down below 5th would probably take them out of the running for Curry as well.

I believe that a Big Al Durant combination could propel this team to the next level and I also believe that because of the economy and the financial situation of other clubs in the league that we still would have plenty of options in this draft.  The Detroit trade to get back in at 15 and something like buying the NO pick at 21 would give us plenty in this draft.

At 15 we could take a James Johnson to play pf with Jefferson or a T-Will to be a Jeff Green replacement who can play the wing off the bench with his great versatility.  At 21 I would still take a pt guard cause i am not sold Buddinger or Ellington as nba players.  That would leave me with Maynor or Lawson.






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