How I think Presti see this team ( or at least how i see it)

This was origonaly supposed to be a comment but I was making too long so here it is as a post....

With the growth of Serge we are already becoming a pretty complete team .... look at his averages i know he is very raw but i think this year we see a focus of Rebounding from him and his trainers.... and if over the season he starts to create a low post presence he is our future starter at the Center position or at least one of the best or most serviceable back-ups in the league...... thats if we get our superstar center that we all want.

I dont know about you guys but if we are gonna trade for anything right now i would love another PF to replace Nick as our Back-up Banger to Green.... because Nick is not going to get any better and that would fill out some depth in the front court .... sorry guys DJ White is not an answer..... So this is what i see in our team as our now :

Starters: WestBrook, Thabo, KD, Green, (Open)

Backups: EM3 , James Harden, (open) , Nick C. , Serge Ibaka

Scrubs: Ollie , Weaver , DJ White , B.J Mullens , Nenad

Trade Bait: E. Thomas, (two 1st round draft picks 2010), ( two 2nd round draft picks 2010),Nick C, Harping (MHEC), weaver

Of course, this is purely based on my view of talent on this team......

What i think we should to is:

A.) Find our Superstar Center Through the Draft . PERIOD. I only see three great Centers in this league and one of them keeps getting hurt. ( Howard, the L@ker whom will not be named, and Oden). Yes Oden is a great center!!! I just don't see a traded Center making us contenders...

B.) Trade Now for a Strong Banger PF with a nice 15th jumper..... i.e; Bass or Blair.... not Bosh... While Bosh is great at scoring is mindset is lacking for this team....he wont be the star and thats exactly what he thinks he needs. Hell even Randolph is a good option with his 8 blocks last game. It shows me he is trying to compete on both ends of the ball. Our late 1st rounder and Collison and/or MHEC ( Harping's expiring contract partially insured ) or E. Thomas and/or the Mullens kid would seem sufficient!

C.)Hire David Robinson to coach our young guys how to play in the post ..... Not saying he is looking for a job but a great retired center like him to impart some knowledge on these young bucks.....err Thunder.

D.) Trade D.J White and a second rounder for Travis Outlaw. Yes Travis Outlaw who is a great set three point shooter and very capable of playing both the 3/4. A cheap tweener like him is a great fit for this fast moving shooting team. His pure Athleticism and set Three ball will go far on this team....

our team would look like this after the draft is all goes to plan....

Starters: WestBrook, Thabo, KD, Green, (1st rounder Beast)

Backups:E Maynor ,J Harden, T. Outlaw, Brandon Bass/ D Blair , Serge Ibaka

Scrubs:Ollie 2nd Rounder ,2nd Rounder , D J White, Nenad

Trade Bait: Weaver, BJ Mullens

I think this would put us in contention for a very long time with a perfect balance of strength and finesse and cheap and expensive players..... What do you think WTLC?

Now those are only a few players that i could think of right off of the dome but if you can think of better options for these trades please let us know ............

This post does not necessarily reflect the views of the staff of Welcome to Loud City or SB Nation. However, it was made by one of the members of the Welcome to Loud City community, so there is a large chance the above post is extremely ballin'!

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