Thunder Gameday: Phoenix Suns at Oklahoma City Thunder


So the Oklahoma City Thunder will make their 2009-10 home debut tonight in the Ford Center as they take on the Phoenix Suns. Thus far the Thunder are 0-2, with both losses coming last week on the road. All in all the Thunder have been able to take a lot of positives and negatives from each of their first two games. In reality, The Thunder probably should have won both those games as they let 4th quarter leads slip away to big runs. Tonight will be another important step in getting this team ready for the regular season, and being as its the first home game, perhaps head coach Scott Brooks has a plan to get us a win.

The starters have yet to play much more than 25 minutes in either game last week, but perhaps being the first home game, guys like Durant, Green, and Westbrook can get into the 30's (minutes) for the first time this pre-season, in an effort to not only get them a little bit closer to regular season type minutes, but to also re-energize Thunder fans as they make their way back into the Ford Center for the first time since last spring. In the process it could very well give this team a much needed win and a boost as we head closer to the regular season opener. I also apologize for not getting this up sooner and being as late as it is, we'll skip the long winded game preview that usually gets posted, and instead let you take a quick look at the roster as you're probably already about to head down to Bricktown for a little wining and dining before trotting on over to the Ford Center for tonight's game. So make the jump and take a peak. Tipoff is 7pm, and we'll have an OPEN THREAD posting 30 minutes prior as we usually do for commenting and such.

Oklahoma City Thunder Roster

# Pos. DOB W H College
Ryan Bowen 40 F 11.20.75 218 6-9 Iowa
Nick Collison 4 C 10.26.80 255 6-10 Kansas
Kevin Durant 35 F 9.29.88 215 6-9 Texas
Jeff Green 22 F 8.28.86 235 6-9 Georgetown
James Harden 13 G 8.26.87 220 6-5 Arizona State
Mike Harris - F 6.15.83 240 6-6 Rice
Serge Ibaka 9 F 9.18.89 220 6-10 None
Tre Kelley 6 G 1.23.85 188 6-0 South Carolina
Nenad Krstic 12 C 7.25.83 240 7-0 None
Shaun Livingston 14 G 9.11.85 185 6-7 Peoria Central HS
Byron Mullens 23 C 2.14.89 260 7-1 Ohio State
Kevin Ollie 7 G 12.27.72 195 6-2 Connecticut
Malik Rose 9 F 11.23.74 255 6-7 Drexel
Michael Ruffin 51 F 1.21.77 248 6-8 Tulsa
Thabo Sefolosha 2 G 5.2.84 215 6-7 None
Etan Thomas 36 C 4.1.78 260 6-10 Syracuse
Kyle Weaver 5 G 2.18.86 201 6-6 Washington State
Russell Westbrook - G 11.12.88 187 6-3 U-C-L-A
D.J. White 3 F 8.31.86 251 6-9 Indiana

Phoenix Suns Roster

# Pos. DOB W H College
Louis Amundson 17 F 12.7.82 225 6-9 U-N-L-V
Leandro Barbosa 10 F 11.28.82 202 6-3 None
Earl Clark 55 F 1.17.88 220 6-9 Louisville
Dan Dickau 12 G 9.16.78 180 6-0 Gonzaga
Goran Dragic 2 G 5.6.86 180 6-4 None
Jared Dudley 3 F 7.10.85 225 6-7 Boston College
Channing Frye 8 C 5.17.83 245 6-11 Arizona
Taylor Griffin 32 F 3.16.89 238 6-7 Oklahoma
Grant Hill 33 F 10.5.72 225 6-8 Duke
Robin Lopez 15 C 4.1.88 255 7-0 Stanford
Steve Nash 13 G 2.7.74 178 6-3 Santa Clara
Carlos Powell 11 F 8.29.83 225 6-7 South Carolina
Emir Preldzic - G 6.9.87 220 6-8 Bosnia
Jason Richardson 23 G 1.20.81 225 6-6 Michigan State
Amare Stoudemire 1 F 11.16.82 249 6-10 None
Raymond Sykes 4 F 7.3.86 220 6-9 Clemson
Alando Tucker 29 G 2.11.84 205 6-6 Wisconsin

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